Recent Snapshots from my phone

One of my best friends' mini and me. I just want to hold her and squeeze her fair pudginess all day!

I've decided, I would love to retire out here in Makaha....

I appreciate random gifts! Ding Dong peanut snacks, Eskinol face cleanser, and assorted milk teas from the Filipino market.

Random Little Happenings

A few going on's....

The funniest thing happened to me last month. Half of my eyelashes and half of the length of my eyelashes went missing! As if they were snatched off or singed off, I really have no idea how it happened. It was mortifying at first, then funny. They have since grown back, thankfully!

Breaking up is hard to do....

I really like what Jasper Wong had to say in his interview with Complex magazines', "How To Make It: 10 Rules for Success From Street Artists": Don't be shy! Read his interview here.

Nan, my grandma, turns 94 today. Here she is (in red), celebrating and catching up with her 2 sisters:

Costco made a little typo on their birthday cake. It's supposed to be for "Dora & Willa", they accidentally put "Willy". It was hysterical to me.

Hello blog! I haven't been here in a long time (over 3 months!)....Well I have but behind the scenes I suppose. I write but I leave them as drafts and don't post them. A friend urged me to start blogging again so here I am, trying. You can also catch me on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr....much more action there!

Yesterday, Martin Luther King Day, I had the day off from work! After doing some gardening and household chores, Erin and I headed north. There was some vile traffic and cloudage! We stocked up at 7-11 in Haleiwa (spam musubis & spicy tuna roll-your-own sushis) and chased the sun.

We found perfect beach weather at Barber's Point, of course. It was looking as crowded as Waikiki for a moment there on the sand. But just walk a little further and we had the beach to ourselves and the monk seals! There were three of them.

I was scared as all hell for this bodyboarder! As he was reaching the shore, the monk seal was swimming parallel to the shoreline. Luckily the bodyboarder saw the seal and gave it its space and they were both on their way.

It was nothing short of a perfect day.


My phone converts any voicemails into text for me. For the most part it does a pretty good job and this feature is really convenient. My Dad's messages are always the most hilarious. I think one could make a (ridiculous) song out of the text. Here are the two latest converted texts:

September 30, 2012
"Jennifer this is ... I'm just calling to see if you and your package ... who leave me a message in your practice because there were left over black insurance hello please do the to pick up your phone nickel it's ... ... this he's he's been home all right where ... please let me know what it that I would really appreciate it ... and the other hey ... it's me ... ... street hey sweetie ... and there because she's been to ... we've got in the your new so ... he hey ... the you know hey jimmy jeff hey I have to be ... just you know can you know hey I hey ... I'm I just won't."

September 23, 2012
"Well I guess it some sun valley she's through us lard screen but before you must be really for this is your dad will be like him and keep missing calls give me a jingle on my cell I need to speak to you it bye hey richard morris I'm sorry."

The Life You Choose

My conversation with a customer/friend..

Him: "You know those people in the black truck?"

Me:(I peer outside the window, across the street. There's a 30-something year old Asian female standing outside of the black truck, smoking a stoge.) "No."

Him: "They live out of that truck. And they just had a baby."

Me: "Oh. How do you know them?"

Him: "I met them last night at Daiei. They wanted to burn."

Me: "Oh."

Him: "So we burned with them. And then a little baby popped out of the truck. They're fricken crackheads."

Me: "Damn....Well, she still looks pretty healthy. Maybe because she just had the baby."

Him: "Yeah. The boyfriend is allll cracked out. That's why he's in the gambling room, trying to make money."

Me: "I guess that's all their belongings in that tub in the back of the truck."

Him: "Yup, they get more shit in the truck too. That's the life they choose, ah?"

Me: "Yup."